Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Day after Labor Day

Yesterday was Labor Day, and today is the day after. Summer is officially over :(, and this year I didn't get a chance to go to Ocean City. Nate and I were supposed to this past weekend, but then we had to cancel due to reasons beyond our control. It was a nice weekend though, I worked on Christmas presents, and planned out the ones I hadn't made yet. We also went food shopping, birthday shopping for my niece, and went to see the movie The Help. The movie was really good, I haven't had the chance to finish the book, or get much into it for that matter. 

Today is another day crafting away, and taking care of the business. I got over to my parents house around 6:30 am, and packaged orders that need to go out later on today for Sweethoots. Right now I am working on some laundry, and then I will be quilting the rest of the day. The fabric I am using is awesome. It is from Lily and Will. I meant to bring the camera today, but forgot (of course!), to take a picture of the fabrics. Maybe I will be able to get to it tomorrow. 

I am also working on a cross stitch pillow for the shop that is a cupcake scene. It is really adorable, and it is by the Historical Sampler Company. I will put some pictures of that up to when I get a chance. 

Here is a cross stitched pillow that I made for my mom this year for her birthday. It is also a pattern from the Historical Sampler Company. I think it is adorable, and hope to be able to make it for my Etsy shop, Sweethoots some day soon! 

The front of the cross stitch pillow I made my mom for her birthday. 
 The back.
 How thick it is.

 I really love the way this pillow turned out, especially since it is my first cross stitched pillow. I wish I would have stuffed it some more though. 

I have also been baking a lot, trying to get ready to open a small online bakery in the near future. I made chocolate whoopie pies with marshmallow fluff, and chocolate chip whoopie pies with marshmallow fluff. I also made pumpkin, and gingerbread ones but my whoopie pie maker wouldn't cook them all the way through, so I think I will have to start from scratch for all of them. 

Here is the chocolate chip whoopie, it makes me very hungry. 

And here is the chocolate whoopie with marshmallow fluff, yummy! 

Like I said though I will have to go back over all of these and remake them for my bakery, so I can make a clear representation of the product. 

Well I am going to get back to work! 

Peppermint Girl 

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