Thursday, September 22, 2011

Charlotte the Black Cat

We got a new kitten a few weeks ago, and she is such a joy. We named her Charlotte after Charlotte Bronte because I am a huge nerd, and love Victorian literature. She is a black cat, and so beautiful. The lady who gave her to us found her all alone in a sewer. We are so happy to have her, and she is doing very well. She is getting along with our 2 pugs, but our one pug, Pumpkin can be a little rough,and it is worrisome.

Here is a picture of her on the first day that we got her.

She came to us with a cold, but that is completely gone, and she was about 3 pounds when she came to us, and I would have to say she is at least 4-5 pounds, which makes me a proud mama! I know she is getting the care she needs.

I finished my niece's quilt in time for her birthday party last Saturday, and she really seems to like it. The other day I went in to wake her from her nap, and she was all curled up with the blanket. I took some pictures of the fabric, but of course I forgot to take pictures of the actual quilt. If I can sneak it away from her for a few minutes one day, I will try to get some pictures.

The fabric for the rag quilt:

The fabric is by Joel Dewberry, and it is called AVIARY 2. Very pretty!

I am just working hard on Sweethoots, we have so many orders now. It is becoming overwhelming, but it is a good thing. I am also trying to get everything ready for Christmas, and that's how I spend most of my evenings.

Well I need to get some rest!

Peppermint Girl

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