Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stretched Too Thin

Five days have already past in October, and I can honestly say that I have stretched myself too thin. I have decided to put the bakery on hold for awhile because our shop, Sweethoots, is really taking off. There is not much to complain about there, but Halloween has proved to be a very busy time of the year.

I am finishing a rag quilt for my shop that is made with cream and light blue fabric from Lily and Will. Pictures soon, I need to rag it and then wash it a few times before it is ready to be sold. 

I am still working on a cross stitch pillow to give to my parents for Christmas. The pattern comes from the Historical Sampler. I am also working on a cupcake cross stitch pattern, to turn into a pillow for Sweethoots-don't know when this will be done because I do not have a lot of time to work on this. 

I plan on taking pictures of all of this tomorrow, and will hopefully have a new post with them. 

Of course, I need to get to work on the Christmas ornaments that I am making everyone this year, and I need to finish a cross stitch for my one niece and start another for my niece, Lily. This all has to be done in time for Christmas. Next year, I am starting sooner, and working harder! 

Have to go back to ragging this quilt! 

Peppermint Girl 

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