Friday, October 28, 2011

Trying to Buy our First Home

So, just in the past two weeks, my husband, Nate and I have begun the process of buying our first home. We never thought in a million years we would be able to do this, especially being fresh out of college, and because of the downward slope the economy. However, we have been given the opportunity in the past few months to pursue our dreams of owning our very first home...

Last Thursday, we went to look at three town homes. Two were terrible, and one was extremely nice on both the inside and outside. We put in an offer, it was counter-offered, and we accepted. We were so excited, but nervous for the inspection that would take place on Tuesday. We get there on Tuesday, and find out that the little deck in the back yard has a slope in the middle, and that it does not have anything actually holding it down or into the ground. When we found this out, we were a little sad that we would have to lose the deck, but the rest of the inspection went really well...and we were at the very end...and then we found out there was a crack in the foundation- EEK! We were told that it was a superficial crack, and that we should have a professional come out and look before we walked away. We left that day very discouraged, but thought we might as well get the professional out there. The next day we get a call that a town home right around ours had the same problem, and it cost $35,000 to fix. Hearing the news we decided to walk away. We were disappointed, but we found an even nicer town home in our price range, and we are looking at it tomorrow. Keeping our fingers crossed!

In crafting news...
I am working on another rag quilt for my shop Sweethoots. This one is smaller then the previous one, and would make an adorable baby shower gift, or make a nice security blanket. Of course I forgot the camera today, so no pictures :(, but hopefully soon!

Have a great day!
Peppermint Girl


  1. Aww. House hunting is always difficult. My husband and I bought our first 1 when we were both 19 (we're still here 5 years on) but it was such a pain, looking and choosing and 1 I would have liked to settle on, hubby found something wrong with the ground around the foundation. It meant living with his parents for the first 6 months of our marriage because his Mum wouldnt let us just move out and rent. Even though his brother did.

  2. Good luck with the new townhouse. If you love it, I hope you get it!!

  3. Thank you to both! I know how it feels living with the parents being married. We did that this past year May-July, because we were just out of school and our apartment wasn't read yet. We decided to walk away from the townhouse because the repairs would cost over $40,000 to replace the foundation, and it would ruin the finished basement. The sellers were not pleased that we walked away, and held us into the contract as long as they could to be spiteful, so we couldn't put anymore offers out. Thankfully, yesterday was the last possible day they could keep us in the contract, and we have been released. We are putting an offer in today, on a very cute little house, that has been completely redone on the inside. It was all done by a builder, so we are hoping that we won't have any foundation issues. Thanks again!