Monday, November 7, 2011


Hi all,

I have just been working on my Christmas ornaments the last few days. I have three more to stitch, and then I need to finish all of them.

We are under contract with another house, and the inspection is on Wednesday. We love this house, so hopefully no cracks in the foundation this time!

I ordered 4 new patterns from Littlehouse Needleworks today. I am hoping that I will have a more productive year in 2012 for stitching. My problem is that I like to make everyone gifts, even though I know they do not care for them. I don't take enough time to stitch the patterns that I really like for me.

I am so sad about the controversy surrounding Penn State. I hope everyone realizes that it is only a few people and not the whole community. I have seen a lot of negative comments directed towards the students, and let me assure you that they had nothing to do with the situation.

Well I am so tired right now, so I am going to go rest.

Peppermint Girl


  1. Good luck with the inspection!

  2. Thank you! It went really well, and now we are just waiting for all of the finances to line up. If everything goes well we settle on November 30th, and move on December 4th. Exciting but nerve-racking time!

  3. hello dear,its me cucki your new friend :) thank you for your lovely so happy :)
    beautiful header..cute stitching..
    enjoy the new charts..and good luck for the inspection.
    keep for you xx